´╗┐ MASLE 2014

Main Conferences and Workshops related to the field

The International Conference on Intelligence Tutoring Systems (ITS) which takes place every two years: This conference discusses different issues related to the topic and puts forward different solutions embedded in multi-agent systems. At the previous meeting a workshop on emotional and cognitive issues took place and in the last three meetings, workshops on meta-cognition and self-regulated learning in Educational Technologies were hold. Both were full day workshops. The last ITS conference was held in Crete, Greece.

The International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED) which takes place every two years. Presentation sessions with the theme "Pedagogical Agents" took place at the last two conferences (AIED2005, AIED2007).

Workshop on Agent-Based Systems for Human Learning and Entertainment (ABSHLE) in AAMAS 2007. In this interdisciplinary workshop several topics of interest are connected to the subject matter of this proposal. Notwithstanding there is in 'MAS and Tools for Educational Applications' a strong flavour of interaction between agents and the modelling of more complex agents (human and students) along with new domains, such as automatic assessment.