´╗┐ MASLE 2014

Technical Issues

The research areas around MAS based Intelligent Learning Environments has been expanded crossing over several disciplines which includes the more traditional ones, such as data-mining as well as the more innovative ones, like virtual worlds. This workshop is potentially of interest to researchers and developers from, but not restricted to, the following fields within the context of Intelligent Learning Environments:

  • Meta-cognitive tutoring and self-regulated learning educational technologies;
  • Multiagent based Intelligent Collaborative learning and classroom management applications in multi-agent systems;
  • Animated Pedagogical Agents;
  • Modeling multi-agent systems fostering creative activity;
  • Modeling intelligent artificial assistants (helpers) and instructors;
  • Multi-agent simulation educational environments;
  • Agent-based learning systems;
  • Emotional and cognitive agents;
  • Storytelling/Narrative Engines;
  • Formal models for multiagent based Intelligent Learning Environments;
  • MAS based pedagogical games;
  • Cognitive, emotion and personality modeling;
  • Virtual instructors and peers in mixed reality environments;